How the Beatles Became Popular

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  • LIverpool loves the Beattles.

    LIverpool loves the Beattles.
    The Beattles became popular in liverpool with their song "Please, Please Me". they had to wear costumes to continue their daily work.
  • Beattles "Conquer America"

     Beattles "Conquer America"
    With their song "I Want To Hold Your Hand" the Beattles "Conqured America". They made 37 albums.
  • The Beatles' first album

    The Beatles' first album
    Their first album " Please, Please Me" was a big hit. It conqured america for good and was one of their best albums.
  • MORE ALBUMS!!!!!!

     MORE ALBUMS!!!!!!
    One of their most popular popular and my favorit 'hit the globe on this day'.
  • HELP!

    On this day the Beatles' album of Help came out. This album expanded the Beatles music.
  • Last Album

    Last Album
    The Beatles' last album was "Let It Be". It was wonderful, but the band split up after a few tours and the Beatles were no more.