How I listened to Music through the years!

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  • 8-Track Tape

    8-Track Tape
    When is was in elementary school, we listened to music through an 8-track player in the house and the truck. My favorite was Anne Murray!
  • Vinyl Album

    Vinyl Album
    In my middle school years, I used to sneak and listen to my brothers Supertramp album!
  • LP

    I bought my first LP with a gift certificate given to me by my history teacher (who I was a TA for). "I bought Talking in Your Sleep"!
  • Cassette Tape

    Cassette Tape
    Music became easier to listen to with the introduction of Cassette tapes in my high school years! The first purchase I remember making was INXS. I loved their "Send a message" song!
  • Mix Tape

    Mix Tape
    Nothing beats listening to a variety of music and artists through my first Mixed Tape!
  • Compact Disc

    Compact Disc
    Next came the CD! No more tape spilling out of the ruined cassette tape! Depeche Mode was my jam!
  • Mix Disc

    Mix Disc
    Now the joys of the mix of songs with the ease of the disc! They were nearly indestructible!
  • MP3

    No need for vinyl, tape, or a disc! Music was now digital and delivered to me through an MP3 player
  • iPod Classic

    iPod Classic
    Upgrade on the digital! Apple all the way =) My iPod classic held ALL my music in one little device!
  • IPod Touch

    IPod Touch
    Now the ease of the Ipod with a touch screen! Downside... limited the amount of music I could have my fingertips!