How B.A.S.S Came To Be

  • The war of mass distruction

    The Americans blew up Japan with a nuke. Then we were off to the seas.
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    How B.A.S.S. Came To Be

    How the U.S.A.destoyed everything and then the world reatilated and burned everything then had to live off the land. Then what was left of the U.S.A. reconnected with the people that landed on the deserted islands.
  • The sinking of Gilians boat

    Captain Gillian was sailing past the former islands known as Hawaii. When the boat hit a shallow reef and when he heard over the radio that America was gone and lost forever.
  • The second fleet

    The people on the second boat knew that America was no more. Therefore they had to find land, and they decided to take over the islands.
  • The rekindle of America

    When the second fleet met up with the people that were left, that is when they created B.A.S.S.