Homework 2. Second Period: Timeline Mexico 19th C.

  • Independence of Mexico

    Independence of Mexico
    The Independence was an armed conflict in which, after 11 years of fighting, Mexico could achieve freedom from the Spanish government. It lasted from 16 September 1810 to 27 September 1821.
  • First Empire (Iturbide)

    First Empire (Iturbide)
    After achieving the Independence Mexico needed its own government. The army supported Agustín de Iturbide for becoming the new governor, he made a bad duplication of the Spanish monarchy. It lasted from 19 May 1822 to 19 March 1823.
  • Plan de Casa Mata

    Plan de Casa Mata
    Many people disagree with the government of Iturbide, so Nicolás Bravo and Vicente Guerreo lead the movement to overthrow Iturbide. It was proclaimed in 1 February 1823.
  • The Triumvirate

    The Triumvirate
    A new congress was formed after the end of the government of Iturbide, tree people lead this congress: Pedro Celestino, Vicente Guerrero and Nicolás Bravo, it was in effect from April 1, 1823 to October 10, 1824.
  • Lucas Alamán

    Lucas Alamán
    Lucas Alamán was a politician who advised Santa Anna and Bustamante. He was born in Guanajuato in 18 October 1792. He was the leader of the conservative party; he was in favor of the church and a Central Republic.
  • Liberal Constitution of 1824

    Liberal Constitution of 1824
    In 4 October 1824, a liberal constitution was proclaimed; it was based on the Constitution of Cadiz. Within it, it was proposed a Federal Republic, catholic religion and privileges for church and military.
  • First Federal Republic in Mexico

    First Federal Republic in Mexico
    With the constitution of 1824 Mexico started being a Federal Republic, therefore Guadalupe Victoria was the first president of Mexico, elected by the new congress. During his period, Hacienda was created and Spain tried to reconquest Mexico. His period lasted from 10 October 1824 to 31 March 1825.
  • Liberal Reforms of 1833-1834

    Liberal Reforms of 1833-1834
    Valentin Gómez Farias took the presidency provisionally during a year, he dictated a series of Reforms with the purpose of taking the economic power of church and the army´s influence. He failed.
  • Santa Anna and the Central Republic

    Santa Anna and the Central Republic
    Unitary government, demission of the 1824 Constitution.
    Conservative Government
  • Texas Independence

    Texas Independence
    Texas rebelled against the Mexican government, U.S supported them.
    Santa Anna won in the “El Álamo”.
    “Treaties of Velasco”, Santa was taken prisoner one night and was forced to sign the treaties.
  • The Seven Laws

    The Seven Laws
    Central Republic; conservative power.
    Against Liberal Reforms of 1833.
    New Congress.
  • Secession of the Yucatan Peninsula 1837

    Secession of the Yucatan Peninsula 1837
    Consequence of the Centralist Republic, Yucatans government thought that the instauration of this new government, had broken the previous agreements, that had made them joined the Mexican union.
  • First French Intervention (Pastry War) 1838-1839

    First French Intervention (Pastry War) 1838-1839
    France threated Mexico, that they had to pay the debt with the French government otherwise they would invade the country. Obviously they did it, France block the naval ports until Mexico paid the debt (they asked Britain for the money).
  • Organic Bases

    Organic Bases
    There were two different Organic Bases that modified the constitution (1841)-Federal regime
    (1843)- Central regime led by Santa Anna
  • US invasion of Mexico

    US invasion of Mexico
    Mexican troops in Texas caused US to declare War(1846-1848)
    US expansion policies also led to the war.
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    Mexico lost half of its territory.(February 2, 1848)
  • Santa Anna Dictatorship

    Santa Anna Dictatorship
    After the war with the US in 1853 he suspended the construction and declared himself a dictator.
  • The Ayutla Revolution

    Juan Alvarez and Ignacio Comonfort ended with the dictatorship odf Santa Anna.
  • Reforma Laws and New Constitution

    February 5th 1857 the new constitution was promulged
    1.-Federal Republic
    2.-Individual guarantees (private property, liberty)
    3.-Recognized Catholicism, but religious tolerance exists
  • Reforma War (liberals vs. conservatives)

    The liberal Constitution caused a disagreement among conservative groups, and they styarted fighting to rule the nation.
  • Second French Intervention

    After Juárez won reforma war he suspended all the debt, France took Mexico City.
  • Second Empire (Maximimlian I)

    Conservatives negotiated with the Vatican and France the creation of a European Monarchy in Mexico, Maximillian of Habsburg was declared Emperor of Mexico.
  • The Restored Republic (Juárez)

    Juárez gets back to power in 1867 until Porfirio Díaz becomes president in 1876.
  • Noria Plan (Díaz)

    Díaz started an uprising but he was defeated.
  • Porifiro Diáz Regime

    Juárez died without finishing period Lerdo de Tejada substituted him Lerdo de Tejada won elections Díaz denounced fraud he takes the power through the Tuxtepec Plan.