• Law

    Philidelphia passes a Law allowing locals to deport local homeless people.
  • Finance Crisis

    1829 was the year of the first financial struggle in the United states.
  • Law

    Ney York passes a law that causes severe fine for homeless beggers.
  • Panic of 1873

    1873 was the starting year of a 6 year depression, records show that people where found dead of starvation on the side of the street.
  • Hull House

    Jane Adams founded the hull house provideing shelter food and medical attention to the homeless.
  • Study conducted

    President theodore roosevelte passed along a study to be conducted to study american homeless people.
  • The Great Depression

    This date was the strt of the Great depression. Stock markets crashed, businesses went bankrupt, and much more.
  • Great Depression Ends!

    The great depression finally blew over, though in this time people are still recovering from the horiffic period of time.
  • War Begins

    Entering world war 2 homelessness took a turn for the worse.
  • Act of 1961

    Congress passes the Housing Act of 1961 , creating a new program for FHA-insured, low-income rental housing.
  • Orginazation

    Congress establishes the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) .
  • Transition

    FHA merges into HUD.
  • Soulution

    Homeless rates increase significantly as the country undergoes a period of economic stagflation. In response, the federal government funds a $2 billion homeless assistance system, made up of emergency shelters, soup kitchens, transitional housing, and other programs that meet homeless people's immediate needs.
  • Hands Across America

    Millions of Americans participate in Hands Across America, forming a human chain across the country to raise funds for the hungry and homeless.
  • Street News

    New York City creates the first street newspaper, the “Street News.” The paper puts some homeless to work as writers and producers, while others sell the paper on streets and trains. The paper’s proceeds provide an income for the homeless.
  • Shelter plus care

    The Republican Party proposes $4 billion in homeless assistance and a “Shelter Plus Care” program regulated by HUD.
  • Families

    Studies show that children and families are the largest growing segment of the homeless in America.
  • Veterans

    Studies find that the nation is dealing with a new subpopulation of homeless, veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Study

    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairsissue their first-ever report on homelessness among U.S. veterans. Among the key findings are that veterans are 50% more likely than other Americans to become homeless.
  • HUD

    HUD awards $900 million nationwide for homeless services or programs, the most in the history of the program.