Hitory Timeline

  • May 15, 1500

    Spain's Colonies in the Americas

    Spain's Colonies in the Americas
    England had none. England began directing resourses its toward establishing colonies after its defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588.
  • First Expedition to Roanoke

    First Expedition to Roanoke
    John White sailed back to England in 1586 and then returned to Roanoke a governer the next year begining with him more than 100 sttlers. soon White's daughter Eliner gave birth to a bay girl.
  • Expedition to Chesapeake Bay

    Expedition to Chesapeake Bay
    That included more than 1000 colonists. They sailed up th James River until they found a spot to settle. They named the first perminent English settlement in Jamestown, in honor of King James.
  • First Winter

    First Winter
    By January, 1608 only 38 colonists remained alive. Later that year John Smith, a soldier and adventurer took control. To make sure the colonists weren't sick in anyway. He also persuaded the pownatan tribe to trade their corn to the colonists. In 1608 Smith was injured in a gunpowder explosion and returned to England. More settlers arrived in Jamestown.
  • New Tobacco

    New Tobacco
    John Rolfe Developed a high-grade tobacco that the colonists learned to grow.It quickly becomes very popular in England. The success of tobacco growing changed Jamestown in many ways. The Virginia Company thought of the colonists as employees. The colonists, however, wanted a share of the profits.
  • Pochahontas

    AT first, the Pownatan traded food with the colonists then, as more colonists arrived and wanted land, the Pownatan started cutting food supplies. John Rolfe married Chief Pohantan's daughter Pochahontas.
  • The Starving Time

    The Starving Time
    The Pohantans cut off all food supplies and left the colonists without crop seeds. The colonists didn't know when to plant and grow their crops so the crops kept dieing. Hundreds of colonists died of starvation during this time.
  • Tobacco Issues

    Tobacco Issues
    The expanding tobacco took over more and more Powntan land. In 1622 in response to land grab by the colonists the Pownatan killed hundreds of Jamestown residents.
  • Nathaniel Bacon

    Nathaniel Bacon
    Nathaniel Bacon confronts Virginia governer William Berkly at Jamestown.