History Timeline

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  • New South Wales

    New South Wales
    On 26 of January the colony of New South Wales was found. The rea started to extend westward from the east coast in 1787.
  • Bigger New South Wales

    Bigger New South Wales
    On 16 July 1825, New South Wales expanded further westward. On the 3 of December 1825, Van Diemans Land (today known as Tasmania) was proclaimed a colony.
  • Swan River Colony

    Swan River Colony
    On 2 May 1829, Charles Fremantle found the Swan River Colony.
  • Swan river Colony to Western Australia

    Swan river Colony to Western Australia
    On the 6 of Febuary 1832 the Swan River Colony was named Western Australai instead.
  • South Australia`

    South Australia`
    On the 28 of December South Australia was proclaimed a colony.
  • North Australia

    North Australia
    In 1846 17 of Febuary the border of South Australia was moved because North Queensland was proclaimed.
  • New South Wales

    New South Wales
    On the 15 April 1847 the colony of North Australia was taken and was put back to New South Wales.
  • Victoria Arrives

    Victoria  Arrives
    Victoria was proclaimed a colony and this meant it made the border of New South Wales smaller.
  • Tasmania

    On the 1 January 1856 Van Diemans Land was named Tasmania again.
  • South Australia

    South Australia
    In May 1858 the border of South Australia was confirmed.
  • Queensland

    On the 6 June 1859 Queensland became a colony.
  • Queensland

    On the 3 of June 1862 the western border of Queensland.
  • New Souht Wales

    New Souht Wales
    On the 6 of July 1863 was made one and it was smaller at the end result. The part that used to be New South Wales up North was made South Australia.