history timeline 2020-2021

  • Period: to

    the declaration of independence

    this was the document that gave americans their freedoms and rights
  • the louisana purchase

    this was a deal made by Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon Bonapart
    Thomas Jefferson boought the louisiana territory from Napoleon Bonapart, this doubled the size of the nation.
  • the lewis and clark journey

    Lewis and Clark and some other ment went to explore the louisiana
  • the texas revolution

    A rebellion of colonists from the United States and Tejanos
  • Period: to

    the california gold rush

    1000's of people went to california to try and obtain gold and strike it rich.
  • the alamo

    The alamo was a battle fought between texas and mexico. Mexico won and killed all the texan soldiers.
  • september 11th

    on this day 2 planes flew into the 2 american trade centers in new york city, both buildings fell. also on this day a plane flew into the pentagon. the last plane was brought down by passengers in a field in bedford county.
  • my brithday

    i was born on june 14 2007 at 7:00 pm, Flag day