History of The IPod

Timeline created by .AndersonH
  • 2nd Generation IPod introduced

    New IPod could now hold up to 5,000 songs instead of 1,000 and was also compatible with Windows.
  • First Ipod Introduced

    Advertised as a Mac compatible music player that put 1,000 songs in your pocket.
  • ITunes Introduced

    Apple introduced the ITunes store which sold songs at 99 cents a piece.
  • 3rd Generation IPod Introduced

    This IPod was said to be lighter than two CD's and could up to 7,500 songs.
  • IPod Mini Introduced

    Was available in 5 colors.
  • IPod Shuffle and Nano Introduced

    The Ipod shuffle and Nano were introduced. The Nano went on to become the best selling music player of all time.
  • ITunes Sells One Billionth Song

  • IPod Touch and IPhone introduced

    IPod Touch introduced as a touch screen Ipod with Wi-Fi compatability.
  • ITunes sells 5 Billionth song

  • New Ipod Shuffle Introduced

    Was advertised as the worlds smallest IPod.
  • IPad Introduced

    Introduced as a larger and improved version of the IPod touch
  • New IPod Nano Introduced

    Had a Multi touch interface.
  • IPad 2 Introduced

    IPad 2 introduced and was said to be 33 percent thiner than the first Ipad and close to 15 percent lighter.