History of the internet

By mamas13
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    History of the internet

  • J.C.R Licklider

    J.C.R Licklider
    J.C.R Licklider becomes head of the computer reasearch program at ARPA which he calls information processing techniques office
  • heavy flood 1962

    A heavy storm floood on germany's north sea coast
  • Pope John XXII

  • Frist satellite

    Frist satellite
    The first synchronous communication satellite is launched
  • IBM New system

    Ibm's new system puts 360 computers come into the market, mac then aquires a GE-635 computer.
  • The PD P-8

    The PD P-8
    The PD P-8 is the first successful minicomputer and the IBM model 868 electric typewriters are modified
  • Rolling Stones

    The rolling stones first tour as a headline act.
  • MLK 1965

    martin luther king JR. and 700 demostrates and are arrested
  • The DDP-516

    The DDP-516
    Honeywell introdueces the DDP-516 minicomputer and demostrates it's ruggedness with a sledge hammer.
  • Another event

    Ronald regan enters politics becoming govern of california

    The proposed linespeed in ARPAnet is increased from 2.4KBPS to 50KBPS
  • super bowl 1967

    The first super bowl played with the green bay packers

    The illiac IV the largest computer of it's time is being built at buroughs yielding 10 times the sped and size.
  • Zodiac 1968

    The zodiac serial murder begning his reing of terror he has never been caught
  • Reaquest for comments

    Reaquest for comments this is the first of thousands of RFC's that document the desing of the ARPANET and the internet.
  • Air force 1969

    The us air force closed it's project (Blue Book) concluding there was no evidence of UFO's.
  • Bob Metcalfe

    Bob Metcalfe
    Bob Metcalfe builds a high speed 100KBPS network between the MIT imp and as PDP-6 to the ARPNET.
  • Paul Mccartney

    in the uk Paul Mccartney announces that the beatles have disbanded
  • 4004 computer

    Intel's release of the 4004 the first computer on a chip they were supposed to hold a demonstration in DC
  • Walt disney world 1971

    The walt disney world resort opens in florida
  • ICCC

    This year was spent finished testing and releasing all demonstrations for the ICCC following the lead of intel's 4004 chip hand-held calculators are made
  • Godfather 1972

    the godfather was first made in 1972
  • Computer magazine

    Computer magazine
    the computer magazine was made they also could foward certain newsgroup postings
  • Kate Hudson Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Kate hudson and Jennifer love hewitt were both born in 1979
  • Muhammad Ali

    Muhummad Ali finally retired
  • IBM PC

    IBM PC
    the IBM PC is launched in japan mounts a successful U.S chip
  • Super computer

    Super computer
    apple announces the macintosh NSF issues a request for propals to establish supercomputer
  • Olympic games 1984

    The olyimpic games are held in los angles

    The upgrade of theNSFNET backbone to T1 completes and internet starts to become international.
  • Prince Charles

    Prince charles escapes avalanche in switerland
  • E-mail

    Commercial e-mail relays start between MCI mail through CNRI

    ARPANET shuts down NSFNET backbone upgrade to T3 or 44MBS
  • Microsoft

    Microsoft releases MS DOS 5.0
  • Internet

    Internet becomes such a part of computing the www burst into the word and griowth of internet burst in the
  • AT&T

    AT&T releases the video phone