History of the indigenous vote tj

By nortonb
  • British come to Australia

    Captin Authur Phillip claimed new south wales on behalf of Great Britan.
  • British law to Australia

    britidh law applied to the whole of the continent. Everyone born anywhere within the Australian continent.
  • Australian colonies govern themselves

    The Australian colonies were given the right to govern themselves
  • Queensland passing laws

    In 1885 Queensland passed laws which said that indigenous people could not vote.
  • indigenous vote in Western Australia

    Western Australia passed the same laws as Queensland which said that indigenous people could not vote
  • womens right to vote

    In 1895 South Australia gave women right to vote. Women in the other colonies gained the vote over the following years.
  • South Australia voting laws

    South australia made laws which said that all adults could vote, including all women and therefore all indigenous women
  • Section 41

    Section 41 was designed to guarantee the vote in commonwealth elections to people who already had voting rights in their states. The was mainly directed towards the voting rights of South Australia women.
  • Aborigines vote at point Mcleay

    For some years, Aborigines at the point Mcleay settlement voted in state and federal elections.
  • Federation of Australia

    The commonwealth of Australia was formed.
  • Indigenous voting in commonwealth

    Indigenous people on electoral rolls in colonies before 1901 could vote in elections for the commonwealth parliament.
  • Legistration regulations

    legistration regulate the voting rights and procedures, the commonwealth francise act 1902, and it excluded any Aborigines, Asians, Africans or pacific Islanders unless they were on the roll before 1901.
  • non- whites vote

    Some non-white people were granted the right to vote in Australian elections.
  • indigenous vote

    The Commonwealth Parliament granted the right to vote in federal elections to indigenous people who had completed military service or who already had the right to vote in their state.
  • Governing Northen Territory

    The commonwealth government, which had responsibility for governing the Northen Territory, declared almost all territory Aborigines to be 'wards of the state'
  • equal rights for Aorigenies

    increasing numbers of white Australians ha come to believe that indigenous australians should have equal rights
  • Commonwealth Commitee

    A commonwealth parliament comitee was set p to report the parliament on Indigenous voting rights. It suggested all Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders have the right to vote.
  • Commonwealth Electoral Act

    A commonwealth Electoral act was amended to provide that Indigenous Australians could enrol to vote in federal elections if they wished.
  • Indigenous Vote in State/Territory Elections

    The right to vote in state/territory elections was also extended to the Indigenous people in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.
  • Indigenous Vote around Australia

    Indigenous people around Australia gained the same voting rights as other Australians.