First apple computer

History of the Computer: 1939-1988

  • Hewlett Packard

    Hewlett Packard
    The Hewlett Packard is created by David Packard and Bill Hewlett
  • Period: to

    Computer History

    From the first Computer to the NeXT created by Steve Jobs in 1988
  • CNC

    The first calculator, or CNC, is created
  • Z3 Computer

    Z3 Computer
    Konrad Zuse finished the Z3 Computer
  • ABC (Atansoft-Berry-Computer)

    ABC (Atansoft-Berry-Computer)
    The Atansoft Berry Computer is created
  • Collossus

    The first Collossus is operational in Bletchly Park

    EDSAC, the first practical stored program computer, is assembled by Maurice Wilkes
  • ERA 1101

    ERA 1101
    ERA 1101 is the first commercially produced computer
  • LEO

    England's first commercially produced computer
  • TX-0

    First, general purpose, programmble computer built by MIT
  • Kenbak 1

    Kenbak 1
    First personal computer
  • First to display alphanumrics

    First to display alphanumrics
    The TV typewriter was the first computer to display alphanumerics
  • The Alto

    The Alto
    The Alto is the first computer with a built in mouse for input
  • Apple I

    Apple I
    Steve Wozniack designed the Apple 1
  • Apple 2

    Apple 2
    Apple 2 is released and is an instant success with excellent color and built in game paddles
  • Codomore 64

    Codomore 64
    The Codomore 64, also know as C64, features impressive graphics
  • Macintosh

    Apple Computer launches Macintosh, the first succesful mouse driven computer with a graphic user interface
  • NeXT

    Steve Jobs leaves Apple to create his own computer, the NeXT. Unfortunatly, this computer failed