History of the Coffee Maker

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    Coffee in a Pot

    Arab traders cooked coffee cherries in a pot over a fire. This was in the 5th or 6th century A.D.
  • Infusion Brewing

    In France, a person would submerse coffee beans, usually inside a linen bag, into hot woter. Then, the bag is removed when the desired strength is achieved. This process is similar to the process of making tea. *Exact date unknown
  • Mr. Biggins

    Made in the 1780s, these were one of the first coffee brewers to include a filter. The problem with this one is that the coffee would often taste like the filter, whether it was cotton, burlap, or even an old sock! *Exact date unknown
  • French Drip Pot

    Two chambers are stacked on top of each other with a filter in between. The coffee grounds are on the top chamber. Boiing water is poured in and the coffee "drips" down into the cup. Insulating water jackets are added to keep the coffee warm during the process. *Exact date unknown
  • Espresso Machine

    The first espresso machine was made in France. *Exact date unknown
  • Vacuum Pot

    Madame Vassieux invents the first vacuum pot. Water is heated and the steam rises to saturate coffee grounds. When the heat is remove, the steam condenses to create a vacuum. That vacuum draws coffee through the filter into the lower compartment. Most vacuum pots were made of glass and tend to blow up from the pressure. *Exact date unknown
  • Coffee Percolator

    Similar to a vacuum pot, percolators heat water in a lower compartment and send it through a tube into the upper compartment. The water then makes its way down through the coffee grounds back into the bottom portion. The coffee in a percolator brews with boiling water, which makes the coffee taste bitter.
  • French Press Brewer

    Coffee grounds are placed in a filter compartment, submerged in hot water, and raised with a rod when the brewing is complete. This kind of brewer allows the grounds to be removed before the coffee becomes too bitter. French Press brewers remain very popular today. *Exact date unknown
  • Melitta Coffee Filter Paper

    Melitta Benz invents a new type of filter using blotting paper borrowed from her son's school supplies. These filters are disposable and so people no longer need to use costly linen or cloth filters from machines like Mr. Biggins. *Exact date unknown
  • Iletta

    Francesco Illy invented this machine . It uses compressed air to force the steam into the coffee grounds. This was a huge advancement since the previous espresso machinesonly used steam and frequently exploded. *Exact date unknown
  • Freeze Dried Coffee - Nescafe

    This type of coffee can be freeze dried for storage and then reheated later. *Exact date unknown
  • Pump Expresso Machine - Faema

    Ernest Valente made this machine to use a rotating pump driven by an electric motor. It creates the pressure needed to make espresso. The pump provides water pressure that allows a continous delivery of water to brew coffee.
  • Automatic Drip Coffee Maker - Mr. Coffee

    An automatic drip coffee maker heats water, brews coffee with the water, and keeps the coffee warm with a heated plate. It was originally for use in restaurants, but in this year, Vincent Marotta invented Mr. Coffee for use at home. *Exact date unknown
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    The Golden Age of Cofee