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History Of The Chicago Blackhawks

By apascal
  • Behind The Blackhawks

    Behind The Blackhawks
    Frederic McLaughlin was a commander in World War I. His unit's nickname was "Black Hawk". He named the team in honour of his unit. His wife Irene Castle designed the team's logo.
  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    The National Hockey League awarded a franchise to Major Frederic McLaughlin. The Chicago Blackhawks were founded on September 25, 1926.On November 17, 1926, the Chicago Blackhawks made their debut against the Toronto St. Pats. They played at the Chicago Colliseum and beat the St. Pats 4-1.They are one of the "original six" teams. The Chicago Blackhawks had a 19-22-3 record during their first season. They made it to 3rd place in the American Division.
  • Chicago Stadium

    Chicago Stadium
    The Blackhawks play their first game at the Chicago Stadium, they won 3-1 against the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • Champions!

    The Chicago Black Hawks won their first Stanley Cup ever, beating out the Detroit Red Wings 3 games to 1 in a best of 5 series. The Black Hawks record for that season was 20-17-11.
  • Champions! Again

    Champions! Again
    The Black Hawks win their second Stanley Cup. They beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 3 games to 1. They finished that season with a record of 14-25-9.
  • Holy Goalie

    Holy Goalie
    The Black Hawks played against the Boston Bruins and their goalie Sam LoPresti mdae 80 saves on 83 shots, and yet they still lost the game 3-2! This is still the record for most shots in a regulation game to this day!
  • Record Breaking!

    Record Breaking!
    Bill Mosienko is famously known for scoring the fastest hat trick in NHL history. he scored 3 goals in 21 seconds in a game against the New York Rangers!
  • 3rd Stanley Cup!

    3rd Stanley Cup!
    The Blackhawks win their 3rd Stanley Cup beating out the Red Wings in 6 games! They beat them in the final deciding game of the series 5-1 to win the cup! They finished that sesaon with a record of 29-24-17.
  • The Golden Jet!

    The Golden Jet!
    Bobby Hull, one of the greatest of all time, becomes the first player in the NHL to score over 50 goals in a single season. He was known also as the Golden Jet because of how fast he was and his blonde hair!
  • The Dynamic Duo

    The Dynamic Duo
    Bobby Hull scores his 600th goal, and stan mikita scores his 500th! They were an amazing pair. Some would even say that they were too good to be on the same team.
  • Ed Belfour

    Ed Belfour
    Ed Belfour, a goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks, who went undrafted, was signed by the Blackhawks as a free agent. He turned out to be one of the greatest goalies to ever play for the Blackhawks. In his rookie season he got 43 wins in 74 games which is one of the greatest rookie goalie performances of all time. He won the Vezina Trophy for best goalie of the season, twice with the blackhawks, in 1991, and 1993.
  • Worst of All Time

    Worst of All Time
    ESPN named the Chicago Blackhawks the worst franchise of all time in 2004. The Blackhawks had one of the biggest Stanley Cup droughts of all time, from 1961 to 2010.
  • From Bad to Wirtz

    From Bad to Wirtz
    The owner of the Chicago Blackhawks for 41 years from the 70's until the 2000's Bill Wirtz was heavily criticized for being cheap with money by the people of Chicago. One of the many dumb rules that he made was that they could not broadcast the Blackhawks games in the Chicago area because he thought it was unfair to seasons ticket holders.
  • Toews

    Johnathan Toews was drafted in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft 3rd overall and went on to be the 3rd youngest captain in NHL history, captaining the Blackhawks when he was only 20 years old.
  • Patty Kane

    Patty Kane
    Patrick Kane, one of Chicagos top players, loved by all the people of Chicago, well known for his scoring and deking abilities, was drafted in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft 1st overall!
  • Winter Classic

    Winter Classic
    The Blackhawks participated in their first winter classic game against the Detroit Red Wings at Wrigley Field. They lost that game 6-4 but it was a very cool experience for the people of Chicago.
  • Fourth Cup!

    Fourth Cup!
    The Blackhawks win their fourth cup beating out the Flyers 4 games to 2 winning the last game in overtime with Patrick Kane scoring the game winning goal. They finished that season with a record of 52-22-8.
  • Blackhawks Win The Cup Again, as usual

    Blackhawks Win The Cup Again, as usual
    Blackhawks win their fifth Stanley Cup beating the Bruins 4 games to 2 in a best of 7 series. In game four, the Blackhawks scored 2 goals in 17 seconds to take the lead with 1 minute left in the game.