Apple mac

History Of The Apple Computer

By 15tingt
  • Apple I

    This is a very antique computer, as you can see there is no screen but a keyboard. It is made of wood and has carved the name "Apple I". It is the first computer invernted by apple.
  • Period: to

    Timeline of the Apple Computers

  • Apple II

    This is also an antique computer but this includes a screen and a keyboard. This is more uptodate that the apple I.
  • Apple III

    This computer has a complete set of a screen and a keyboard. It is more upto date than the other computers so far.
  • "Lisa" The computer

    This computer has a new exclusive part of the computer and is the mouse. There are mouses nowadays to.
  • Macintosh

    This now has a full set, a screen, a keyboard and a mouse. This computer is more upto date.
  • Mac OS 8

    This is a program that helps organise the computer to store information or pictures etc..
  • all in one mac

  • Titanium G4 Powerbook

  • Flat-panel iMac

  • macbook air