95171 technology

History of Technology

  • Holes in Cards

    Holes in Cards
    Holes in cards refers to punch cards that were used as an input device for many different types of machines, this was invented around 1725.
  • The analytical machine

    The analytical machine
    The analytical machine could be considered as the first actual computer that used punched cards to input data, it was created in 1837.
  • PC

    A PC is just an average computer that was first introduced in 1943 that was used to crack enemy codes in World War II.
  • The Von Neumann architecture

    The Von Neumann architecture
    The von Neumann architecture was a design of a computer with a processor with subdivisions that was created in 1945.

    The ENIAC was actually introduced in 1946 to calculate the artillery firing tables for the USABRL.
  • Univac

    Univac is actually the name of a line of computers that used electronic digital stored-programs introduced on March 31, 1951.
  • High-level Programming Language

    High-level Programming Language
    High-level programming language is a language used in programming that has big abstractions from computers, and was started to be used in 1954.
  • CRAY-1

    The CRAY-1 was a supercomputer built by Cray Research in 1968 that was used in big companies for production and holding information.
  • UNIX

    UNIX is an operating system for a computer that is designed for multitasking and multiple people working on it, and it was first used in 1969.
  • Altair 8800

    Altair 8800
    The Altair 8800 was actually designed for the Intel 8080 CPU and was also supposed to be a microcomputer invented in 1975.
  • Apple Inc.

    Apple Inc.
    Apple Inc. is actually the most successful company in the world, selling things from mobile devices, computers, and applications; it was created in April 1, 1976.
  • Spreadsheet

    Spreadsheet is a computer application made in the 1979 that was used to organize things into a tabular format.
  • Macintosh

    The Macintosh was the first commercial computer to use a graphic user interface instead of a command line and was first introduced in January 24, 1984.
  • Windows

    Windows is an operating system made by Microsoft that was first commercialized in November 20, 1985.