History of Rock & Roll Timeline!

  • The Beginning Of Rock & Roll

    The Beginning Of Rock & Roll
    In 1954, a band called Billy Haley and the Coments launched a smash hit called Rock Around The Clock. Haley's song rose to number 1 in 1955 when it was included as a soundtrack of Blackboard Jungle. By 1956, Billy Haley had become one of the most popular Rock & Roll movies such as Rock Around The Clock & Don't Knock The Rock. 1957, singers such as Elvis Presley & Little Richard started to dominate the American scene. Chuck Berry made up Duck Walk, with his number one hits such as Maybelline.
  • Elvis Presley (King Of Rock & Roll)

    Elvis Presley (King Of Rock & Roll)
    Elvis Presley is known as the King Of Rock and Roll. He sold over 1 billion records and earned more awards and chart-topping postions than any other artist in history. 1956 Elvis had become a national star & Teen Idol. Played in the movie Love Me Tender. 30 years after his death, millions of people from over the world pay homeage for his remembrance in Graceland.
  • The Day The Music Died

    The Day The Music Died
    Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, & The Big Bopper was the day the music died. Buddy Holly was well known for his black-rimmed glasses. He had big hits such as Peggy Sue & That'll be the day. Jiles Richardson (The Big Bopper) big hit such as Chantilly Lace. Ritchie Valens big hits such as Donna & La Bamba.
  • Soul Music

    Soul Music
    Slaves developed work songs, many which were in the call and response form. Singing was their comfort and it gave them some hope that things will get better. Soul record labels are Motown and Stax Records. Motown was made up of "motor" & "town" In Detroit Michigan. Stax was from the owners JIm Stewart and his sister Estelle Axton. Motown was more pop & Satx was Doo-Wop. New Orleans and Chicago was where Soul Music flourished.
  • Surf Music

    Surf Music
    There are three styles of surf music. 1st one is instrumental, which is lead and rhythm guitar, bass & drum set. Examples would be Wipeout by Surfaris, Walk Don't Run & Hawaii Five-O by The Ventures. Another type are vocal styles. Three part harmonies & falsetto. Instruments such as electric piano and precussion. The Beach Boys was a Sloop John B & Surfer Girl. 3rd type is the rock or beach style. songs such as Surfin USA, Good Vibrations, Surf City and 409.
  • The Beatles

    The Beatles
    They made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. Well known for their moptop haircuts. Number one hit on Billboard Charts "I Want To Hold Your Hand" THe Beatles and The Rolling Stones led to them both being named in the top 10 of Billboards Top 100 artists of all time.

    In 1970 back in Woodstock they had combi vans and hippies wearing bell bottom pants or flowing skirts. Preformers included the folk musicians Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (CSNY) and Joan Baez.The Beatles experimented with their musical styles "Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds" incorporated meter changes and vocal effects. Drugs such as LSD was very associated during this time period.
  • Solo Artist

    Solo Artist
    Billy Joel and Elton John are known as the top piano men of pop music. Billy Joel was a successful boxer, began his music career in high school. Elcton John began his musical career in 1961. He made songs for the movie Lion King and won an academy award. Eric Clapton was well known for his guitar playing, He worked with artists such as BBKing, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Mary J. Blige, Luciano Pavarotti, & Elton John. Many more other artist became solo artists such as Beyonce, Diana Ross&ect.
  • Disco!

    Disco music was played at nightclubs. It was influenced by fuck and soul music together. Instruments such as percussion, bass, keyboards, horns, woodwinds and even orchestral strings. Clothing such as shimmering spandex and spinning mirror balls was very popular! Groups such as ABBA,&The Village People was very well known. Songs such as "Dancing Queen" "Take a Chance on Me" & "Fernando" was well played!
  • Dance Music!

    Dance Music!
    Dance music is from ballet music, dancing, to hip hop to the tango. It was an evolution of the disco music genre of the 1970s. night club scene was used by a DJ. the major difference to disco music was the electronic instruments! Elecronic Dance including House, Trance, Drums & Bass, Hi-NRG, Techno, and Electro. "The Fat of the Land" by the Prodigy was the only album that made it in the Billboard 200 Chart
  • Pop Music!

    Pop Music!
    Pop music has been present since the late 1950s. Michael Jackson was well knowns for the "King Of Pop". The word pop is short for popular! Pop can be influenced by many different genres! Each song is usually as long between 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 minutes. Michael Jackson ushered in the golden age of pop music in th 1980s;. Thriller was his best selling album of all time. Many other artists such as Madonna, Prince & Bruce Sprinsteen.
  • One Hit Wonders

    One Hit Wonders
    One Hit Wonders are typically artists who produce a hit song that either makes the Billboard lists. Occassionally a style may simply lose its populartiy leaving behind those unwilling to change with the times. One Hit Wonders in one country doesn't mean that it is one of the other countries. Some songs were novelty songs such as Pac Man Fever & The Monster Mash as well as others!