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History of Rock 'N Roll

  • Rythym And Blues

    Rythym And Blues
    "Dallas Blues" written by Hart Wand was the first blues song to be published
  • Jazz

    Jazz developed with loud blaring horns, saxophones, and trombones which gave the music a louder and faster sound
  • Folk

    Folk artists used more instruments that we would later see in rock and roll including string assortments like guitars and banjos.
  • Rockabilly

    Early rock and roll music played in the early and mid 1950's performed by artists such as Elvis Presley and Jerrry Lewis. Teenagers in this time were the main frenzie and popularity of this revolting music
  • Johnny Cash Reords Folsum Prison Blues

    Johnny Cash was one who was very influential in the beginning of the rock era
  • First Girl Group To Top Charts

    First Girl Group To Top Charts
    The Shirelles were the first girl group to make it to the top charts with the Goffin/King composition "Will you still love me tomorrow"
  • Beatles First Single

    Beatles First Single
    The Beatles, out of Liverpool, UK realeased their first single "Love Me Do" which peaks at number 17 on the UK charts and was not released in the U.S.
  • Woodstock

    August 15th through the 18th a music festival took place. Billed as an "Aquarian Exposition: 3 days of Peace& Music". It is ioften referred to as a pivotal moment in popular music history
  • Joplin

    Four months after her death, Janis Joplins album "Pearl" is released and makes #1 on the charts
  • All Time Low

    All Time Low
    AC/DC releases their international debut album "High Voltage" and earns the title "An all time low for the hard rock genre". It goes on to sell over threee million copies
  • Metal

    By the 90's the sound of many Rock and Roll bands had changed drastically. A new name for the music was "Metal" and the band Pentagram played it beautifully