History Of Recording

  • Sep 8, 1206

    first recording

    The first devices for recording and reproducing sound were mechanical in nature and could not record arbitrary sounds such as the human voice
  • Musical clock

    musical clocks where invented which can play back recorded music 1598
  • phonautograph

    The phonautograph was invented by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville.
  • The lord's prayer

    Emile berliner recorded the lords prayer on an Edison cylinder machine.
  • NY studio

    Edisons Phonograph was on high demand. The New York Phonograph Company opened the first purpose-built recording stuido.
  • Popular!

    recorded music was a popular form of entertainment. there was a high demand for it.
  • Master Voice

    E.R Johnson used the 'His Master's Voice' as a trade mark.
  • Radio

    The radio was becoming extremley popular and was damaging the recording business.
  • Muscle Shoals

    Founded in Sheffield, Alabama in 1969. The distinctive accompaniment and arrangements of the famous Muscle Shoals rhythm section have been heard on a number of legendary recordings, including those from Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin and the Staple Singers. Was also where the Stones cut Brown Sugar.
  • Thriller

    Micheal Jacksons most famous and best selling song is released.
  • Birth

    Grace Brebner was born!
  • Olympic

    Arguably London's most productive studio through the years. Name a major recording artist of the past five decades and the chances are they've worked there. It closed its doors for good in February 2009 with U2 working on No Line on the Horizon as the last paying customers.