History of music magazines

  • Billboard magazine

    Billboard magazine
    Billboard is an American music magazine owned by Promethus Global Media. This magazine company was one of the first magazines to ever specialise and publish magazinesin the music industry and paved the way for all of the other magazines The fact that 'Billboard' is Still in production nowadays makes this one of the oldest trade magazines (magazines specialised to a topic published on the printing press) in the world.
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    History of music magazines

    History of music magazines
  • Melody Maker

    Melody Maker
    Originating in January 1936, Melody Maker covered the music genre of Jazz and was the first magazine to publish weekly magazines. It faulted however as it was slow to cover rock and roll and by this, New Musical Express appealed much more to the younger audeince. Melody Maker kep on publishing until it was discontinued in December 2000. However having a 74 year run proved this as a successful magazine.
  • Rolling stone

    Rolling stone
    In 1967, when the rolling stone magazine was created and ather than stating news, it has more focused on documenting music as an important part of culture for youths and also includes reflective artcles about music and social change,furthermore stating the political concerns about the music that it shows.The Rolling Stones was less about factual information and more interested in the culture of music. This style howevr proves popular as there was 1,464,943 total circulation(2012)
  • Smash Hits

    Smash Hits
    Smash Hits, created in 1978 was one of the first music magazines to not be aimed at the style of music, but more at the age. This was why Smash Hits was aimed at teens and young adults, having a genr of pop.
    As it was an age and genre- specific magazine, it was able to be designed and so published very specifically to its audeince. Compared to a magazine such as kerrang! it is more of a music oreintated magazine. Also in the 90's specific magazines were inspired ad produced, like Mixmag.
  • Kerrang!

    Kerrang! 'The world's biggest selling weekly rock magazine exploded onto the market in 1981 covering heavy metal and rock music. It's dedicated to finding out new infomration about current bands and upcoming events. Furthermore, Kerrang! hosts an online shop, podcasts, message boards, tv and have even lauched successful radio channels off the back of Kerrang!'s success as a music magazine
  • Q magazine

    Q magazine
    Q magazine, instead of focusing on a specific genre,Q publish about general music news, also including reviews and world exclusives with 'the most important bands on the planet'.
    It made itself stand out from the rest of the magazines and revolutionise the way they worked by only publishing monthly, however making up for this by producing much higher standards of photography and printing. Originally being called 'Cue' however this was changed as people wouldn't mistake it for a snooker magazine
  • Mojo

    The first issue being published in November, 1993 (A month after it was published.)Likewise with Q, was founded and produced by Emap and then being bought out by Bauer Media Group. Mojo was the first big, popular magazine to specialise in the genre of 'classic rock'. On the first issue, Bob Dylan and John Lennon were on the front cover.Mojo is known in-depth coverage of popular and cult acts and is believed that this acted as an inspiration for 'blender' and uncut', 2 other magazines.
  • Fact

    Now the music magazines have paved the way for new magazines.For example,Fact magazine was UK based and started in publishing in 2003.On the other hand this also gives you an insight for the competitiveness of the market,as this ended in 2008, meaning the company only had a 5 year run. If something isn't right and the audience don't appreciate it, they won't buy it and so it won't sell.This magazine also went fully digital from 2005,histroy of trying to keep up with the advancement of technology
  • Music magazines now

    Music magazines now
    Nowadays, Music magazines have lost popularity, this is such as in the 1960's and 80's, it was your main source for information however now, because of the internet, fully digital music albums and CD's people tend to just get their music and information online.
    This being said however, there are still millions of copies being sold worldwide and there are curretlymore magazines in total circulation than ever!