History of Music Consumption

  • The Lauch of MTV

    MTV was first introduced to show music videos on TV. This idea was working well until youtube came out in 2005 and caused a slight downfall for them and then MTV had to create reality TV shows to introduce a new market.
  • Music Consumption

    Since the 1990's, music consumption was available, however not in the way we would see it today. With the proliferation in hardware and software it has made it so much easier for us to access music anytime and even anywhere. TV channels like MTV were really the only way in which music videos could be viewed in the 1990's. MTV was the real start in the rise of the music video, making it a necessity for musicians to have a music video.
  • iTunes

    iTunes opened up their online store on April 28, 2003, letting their target audience view the iTunes store to buy music and music albums. This was instantly a hit when they went worldwide. The owner of the company Steve Jobs, become successful making other apple products such as iPods where you could download music onto that for a small price.
  • Pirate Bay

    Pirate Bay
    Pirate bay was one of the first used online music download site. This was illegal but people still used it. This was so hard to defend against for music labels because the websites were so easy to create.
  • Youtube

    Youtube was set up in order for their target audience to comment, share, watch and listen too music videos. They successfuly come 3rd place in the world for the most used site known to internet history at reaching 3,637,788 users each day. The most viewed music video from the website is Gangnam style, it was the first and only video to surpass 1 billion vews. From usng youtube, you can copy the URL into a piracy copying software where you can illegally download your music for free.
  • 4 Music

    4 Music
    The 4Music channel began transmission on Friday 15 August 2008. Once again, another music channel has to find a way in order to keep their viewers still watching. This is when they started viewing other programmes rather than just music. 4music and Viva had come together
  • Geordie Shore

    Geordie Shore
    With high competition MTV had to decide what to do to keep their viewers active and still watch the show, that's when they decided to show teenage/adult shows like Teen Mom and a series linking Jersey Shore which is now aired in different countries. This made the channel not just exclusive to music videos. This eventually would prove to be the rise (once again) in music channels.
  • Vevo

    Sony and universal collaborated to create Vevo, it provided the big three oligopolies somewhere for their artists to put their music videos in one place. Making it easier for the audience to view music videos, however it would prove to make a big rivallry between vevo and MTV.
  • The fall of 4 music

    The fall of 4 music
    Their television hours were cut back and it is once again the fall of small music channels because of the lack of audience views due to their old audience going online and watching music videos on such software as Youtube.