History of Motown Records

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  • Founding of Motown Records

    Founding of Motown Records
    Music record label owned by Universal Music Group, was founded by Berry Gordy Jr, originally as Tamla Records on January 12, 1959 (https://www.elcaobointernacional.com/blog/berry-gordy-jr)
  • Motown Record Corporation

    Motown Record Corporation
    The merge of both Tamla Records and Motown Records into one, Motown Record Corporation (https://www.motownrecords.com/)
  • First Number One Song

    First Number One Song
    The Marvelettes hit song "Please Mr. Postman" become the first Motown record to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 (https://www.popexpresso.com/2018/08/21/please-mr-postman-by-the-marvelettes-is-released-in-1961/)
  • Foreign Label

    Foreign Label
    Launch of Tamla-Motown in London, England becomes the non US division of the label (https://www.flickr.com/photos/wasleso/692927636)
  • Jackson 5

    Jackson 5
    The signing of the Jackson 5 allows the group to rise to extreme prominence and pushes the label to all new heights during this time. The popularity of the group spawned newfound success for the entire label during this time period
  • "What's Going On"

    "What's Going On"
    Marvin Gaye, one of the labels longest signees and marquee stars releases his 11th studio album, "What's Going On" to immediate praise and positivity
  • The Big Move

    The Big Move
    Motown Records move all major operations out west to Los Angeles. A small group stays behind in Detroit, Michigan but the majority of all head executives of the label make the move. They due this to allow themselves a larger outlet as the culture shift out west could mean new opportunities for the label (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Angeles)
  • Change of Ownership

    Change of Ownership
    After a large decline in sales, Berry Gordy Jr. decides to sell his ownership of Motown Record Corporation to MCA Records and Boston Ventures for $61 million dollars.
  • Cooleyhighharmony released

    Cooleyhighharmony released
    Up and coming quartet Boyz II Men release their first studio album, Cooleyhighharmony, to exceptional praise and success. Their single, Motown Philly, was a huge commercial success and great popularity back into the record label. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooleyhighharmony)
  • Change of ownership

    Change of ownership
    Jheryl Busby, who became executive after Berry Goldy, is replaced by Andre Herrell. Herrell was the founder of Uptown Records and remained in command of Motown for just under two years before passing it off to Danny Goldberg, who then passed owendeership to Kadar Massenburg who took control once Motown was bought by Universal Music group in 1998.