History of Medicine

  • Period: Jan 1, 1400 to


    Rebirth of science
    medical schools were built
    Printing press was created (made medical books easier)
    Human Disection was started (often crimals were sentenced to death by this and helped discover how the body worked)
  • Period: Oct 3, 1480 to Oct 3, 1515

    body drawings

    Leonardo da Vinci drew pictures of the disected human body
  • invention of the microscope

    invention of the microscope
    Anton von Leeuwenhoek invented the microscope
  • Harvey discovery

    Harvey discovery
    William Harvey described the circulation of blood and pumping of the heart
  • Mercury thermometer invented

    Mercury thermometer invented
    Gabriel Fahrenheit created the first mercury thermometer.
  • invention of the flush toilet

    invention of the flush toilet
    Alexander Cummings invented the flush toilet.
  • invention of bifocals

    invention of bifocals
    Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals and discovered that colds could be passed from person to person
  • first ambulance

    first ambulance
    The first ambulance was invented
  • small pox vaccination

    Edward Jenner invented the vaccination for small pox while he was trying to find a vaccination for cow pox.
  • First plastic surgery

    The first plastic surgery is performed in England.
  • first photograph

    first photograph
    Joseph Nicephore Niepce took the first photograph of outside his window. The picute took 8 hours to take.
  • invention of the stethoscope

    invention of the stethoscope
    Rene Laennec invented the stethoscope
  • invention of the typewriter

    invention of the typewriter
    W.A. Burt invented the typewriter
  • discovery of cadaverous poisoning

    Ignas Semmelweiss discovered that many of the causes for maternal infections were due to people coming from a cadaver lab and not washing hands. Ignas Semmelweiss died from a cut during an autopsy.
  • first woman to qualify as a doctor

    Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman to qualify as a doctor in the U.S. She inspired Florence Nightingale to pursue nursing.
  • Period: to

    Psychology study

    Sigmund Freud studied the effects of the unconscious mind on the body. He realized that the mind and body work together. Father of psychology.
  • Period: to

    study of heredity

    Gregor Mendel establised the patterns of heredity
  • Rabies Vaccination and Pasteurization

    Rabies Vaccination and Pasteurization
    Louis Pasteur created the rabies vaccine and proved that microorgansisms caused disease. He also discovered that heating milk prevented the growth of bacteria (pasteurization).
  • Start of first school of nursing

    Florence Nightingale started the first school of nursing during the Crimean war and made nursing an honorable profession.
  • discovering antiseptics

    Joseph Lister was the first doctor to use an antiseptic during surgery to prevent infection in the incision.
  • Discovery of Anthrax

    Robert Koch discovered many diease causing organisms such as anthrax, tuberculosis, and cholera. He is know as the Father of Microbiology.
  • American Red Cross Established

    American Red Cross Established
    Clara Barton started the American Red Cross. Clara Barton was known as the "angel of the battlefeild"
  • discovery of x-rays

    discovery of x-rays
    William Roentgen discover x-rays which allowed doctors to see inside the body to figure out what was wrong with a patient
  • Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear
    The birth of the Teddy Bear occured.
  • invention of the bra and zipper

    invention of the bra and zipper
    Mary Phelps Jacob invented the bra. Gideon Sundback invented the zipper.
  • invention of the band-aid

    invention of the band-aid
    Earle Dickson invented the band-aid
  • invention of the traffic signal

    invention of the traffic signal
    Garret A. Morgan invented the traffic signal
  • inventon of the iron lung

    Phillip Drunker invented the iron lung
  • Discovery of penicillin

    Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, the first anibiotic. Considered one of the most important discoveries of 20th century.
  • invention of the atomic bomb

    The atomic bomb was invented. The U.S. was the first to use it on Japan.
  • cell phones invented

    cell phones invented
    The cell phone was invented but not sold comercially until 1983
  • Polio virus vaccine

    Jonas Salk discovered an altered polio virus vaccine.
  • oral contraceptives invented

    Oral contraceptives or the pill were invented
  • Oral Polio vaccine

    Albert Sabin created an oral polio vaccine that was more effective than Salks vaccine
  • contacts invented

    The soft contact lense was invented
  • first heart transplant surgery

    Christan Bernard performed the world's first heart transplant surgery.
  • gene splicing invented

    Herb Boyer and Stanley Cohen invented gene splicing
  • invention of liposuction

    Giorgio Fischer invented liposuction.
  • First test tube baby born

    Louise Brown was the first baby born with invitro fertilization or test tube baby.
  • rollerblades invented

    Scott olson invented rollerblades.
  • Gene Therapy started

    Gene therapy is the insertion of genes into an individual's cells and tissues to treat a disease.
  • Tissue Cloning

    Dolly the sheep was the first animal cloned.