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History of Immigration Issues

  • Benjamin Franklin-racism

    Benjamin Franklin-racism
    Though Ben Franklin supports educating the Blacks, he still opposed to having an increasing amount in the colonies, wanting to keep them purely white.
  • Americans visit Mexico

    Americans started visiting Mexico, then judged the people, saying they were, "dark complected...and cruel people addicted to gambling..." This negativity would impact how Americans would view Mexicans in the future.
  • Governer of Georgia

    Governer of GA states that treaties among the Indians are used just to pacify them, but are really useless because the Whites are entitled to the land.
  • Treaty of Guadalupe

    Treaty of Guadalupe
    Treaty was passed, thereby defining the Mexican-American border, where the United States then claimed more land that was previously considered to be Mexico.
  • The Dawes Act

    The Dawes Act
    The Dawes Act concluded the process of making treaties with the Native Americans. They were now assigned their land.
  • Mexican Revolution

    Many Mexican immigrants came north of the border for work, thus changing the economy and job outlook for the southern United States.
  • Bilingual Educations

    Law passed requiring the stance of English immersion to be taken, thus banning bilingual education.
  • Terrorist Attacks

    Terrorist Attacks
    The terrorist attacks of September 11 heightened national security and increased protection, especially when dealing with foreigners and immigrants.
  • Minutemen

    A group of self-selected Americans offer to assist the United States Border Patrol by watching the American-Mexican border for illegal aliens.
  • Protest in Phoenix

    A giant protest in Phoenix breaks out against a law that would criminalize all illegal aliens.
  • Bill passed by AZ Governor

    Arizona Governer, Janet Napolitano passes a bill (the toughest in the country at that point) making it illegal for employers to hire illegal immigrants.
  • SB 1070

    The law passed in Arizona allowing law enforcement officials to stop people based on racial profiling, thus causing a heated debate leading to the Supreme Court.