Wyoming fracking

History of hyraulic fracturing

  • First usage of hydraulic fracturing

    This experimental usage took place in the year 1947 (exact date unknown) in Grant County, Texas.
  • Safe Drinking Water Act

    This was passed by the Ford administration, and regulated water systems in order to provide safe drinking water for all American citizens. However, it was ruled fracking did not fall under the regulations set forth.
  • Most current form of fracking used

    The most modern form of drilling is used in Barnett Shale in Texas.
  • Energy Policy Act

    Signed into law by George W. Bush, provided tax incentives and loan guarantees for energy production, which expanded limits on fracking which came from other acts.
  • Fracking study begins.

    EPA begins study on potential harm of fracking, to be completed in 2014.
  • Senate Bill 315

    Senate Bill 315 passes, putting new fracking regulations on businesses in Ohio. However, the bill was highly critiqued for the allowance of loopholes.
  • Ohio Fracking CEO accused

    State investigator recieves a tip and finds employees of D&L Energy dumping waste illegally.