History of Ethics in Psychology

  • 6500 BCE


    Trephination is the practice of drilling holes into a patients skull. This was done in order to "release the demons" from a patient who was thought to be possessed. I chose this one because it was done without the patients consent and shows how barbaric psychology was treated back then. This shows why we needed ethical codes of practice.
  • APA Committee Established

    The American Psychological Association created the APA committee which provided ethical sets of standards and values when identifying moral problems. I chose this historical milestone because this was a code when approaching psychological issues and really set a standard for today's practices.
  • Zimbardo Prison Experiment

    This experiment put 24 male students in a mock prison to simulate prison life and how authority effected the students. It was proven that absolute authority could corrupt people and make them unreasonable and even sadistic. I chose this experiment because to me this was in violation of ethical standards and was done to young adults who didn't know what they were getting into. It also shows how power can corrupt the psychology of humans.

    Health Insurance and Portability Accountability Act, or HIPAA, established the protection of personal health information. I chose this topic because this really has a huge impact today on the medical profession. Not just on the psychology profession but on the healthcare world in general.