History of Envy On The Coast

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    History of Envy On The Coast

  • Creation of Envy On The Coast

    Creation of Envy On The Coast
    Envy on the coast is born from five Long Island natives, all of previous bands like Kingston12, 3 Minute Warning and Guilt Like Gravity. The bands original name was Writ In Water.
    Ryan Hunter - lead vocals, guitar
    Sal Bossio - guitar, keyboard, vocals
    Bryan Byrne - guitar, vocals
    Jeremy Velardi - bass
    Dan Gluszak - drums **DISCLAIMER** - this isn't the exact date the band was formed, all records just say "formed in 2004," but I had to pick a date for the timeline.
  • First EP release

    First EP release
    Envy on the Coast releases their first 5 song EP under Photo Finish Records, produced by Bryan Russell. Photo Finish's current artists include acts like 3OH!3, The Downtown Fiction and Anthony Green.
    Track Listing:
    1. Paperback
    2. You Won't Hear This
    3. Temper Temper
    4. Suckerpunch
    5. Green Eyes Don't Lie
  • Appears on the inaugrial Alternative Press Tour

    Appears on the inaugrial Alternative Press Tour
    During the spring of 2007, Envy appears on the first Alternative Press tour alongside Cute Is What We Aim For, Circa Survive and As Tall As Lions. The tour played 32 shows nation-wide.
  • Release of Lucy Gray

    Release of Lucy Gray
    The band's first full-length album is released under the same producer. It produced two singles, "Sugar Skulls" and "Mirrors."
    Track Listing:
    1.Sugar Skulls
    2. Artist and Repertoire
    3. The Gift of Paralysis
    4. Tell Them That She's Not Scared
    5. (x) Amount of Truth
    6. Vultures
    7. Mirrors
    8. If God Smokes Cheap Cigars
    9. Starving Your Friends
    10. Lapse
    11. ...Because All Suffering is Sweet to Me.
    12. I'm Breathing...Are You Breathing too?
  • Photography Book "Southern Comfort" Released

    Photography Book "Southern Comfort" Released
    Gold Record winning photographer Emily Driskill releases a photography book exhibits life on tour with the band. **No specific release date, just the month of January.**
  • Departure of drummer, Dan

    Departure of drummer, Dan
    Statements from both the four remaining members and Dan himself are published on the bands MySpace profile announcing the departure of their drummer Dan. No details were released other than it was a "complex series of events over a long period of time." They both assured there was no bloodshed or drama in the unfolding.
  • Sophomore full-length released, titled "Lowcountry"

    Sophomore full-length released, titled "Lowcountry"
    The band's second full length album is released under Photo Finish Records by producer Sean Beavan.
    Track Listing:
    1. Death March On Two, Ready
    2. The Devil's Tongue
    3. Head First In The River
    4. Puritan Dirt Song
    5. Laugh Ourselves To Death
    6. The Great American T Shirt Racket
    7. Southern Comfort
    8. *
    9. Like I Do
    10. Numb
    11. Made Of Stone
    12. Clean Of You (contains Hidden Track Just South Of Heaven )
    13. Bad News (Bonus)
    14. Spinal Cords (Bonus)
    15. Clergy (Bonus
    16. Company of Men (Bonus)
  • Release of single for "Punk Goes Classic Rock" collection

    Release of single for "Punk Goes Classic Rock" collection
    Envy covers Bob Dylan's (and Jimi Hendrix's) All Along the Watchtower for the Punk Goes Classic Rock compilation of the Punk Goes...series.
  • The End of the EOTC Era.

    The End of the EOTC Era.
    The band announces, via their facebook page, that they will no longer be playing together, and the announcement of their three "farewell shows."
  • Farewell Show Number 1

    Farewell Show Number 1
    The first farewell show takes place in Boston, MA.
  • Farewell Show Number 2

    Farewell Show Number 2
    The second Farewell show takes place in Philadelphia, PA
  • Third Farewell Show, addition of a fourth.

    Third Farewell Show, addition of a fourth.
    Envy plays their hometown in NYC for their final performance, and because of such high demand, add a second NYC show scheduled for the next day.
  • Final Performance

    Final Performance