History of Electronic Music 2

By Tgill4
  • Telharmonium

    Thaddeeus Cahill first patents his Telharmonium.
  • Period: to

    History Of Electronic Music 2 Timespan

  • The Theremin

    The Theremin
    Leon Thermin invents an electronic instrument that was unique because you didn't touch it to play it, unlike all other traditional instruments.
  • Ondes Martenot

    Maurice Martenot debutes the instrument that he invented in Paris, France. The Ondes Martenot was similar to the Theremin in sound and technology, however not similar in the way it was played.
  • Hammond Organ

    Hammond Organ
    Laurens Hammond creates a new electronic instrument that uses the same processes as the Telharmonium, but uses vacuum tubes to allow the instrument to be more practical in size.
  • Les Paul

    Les Paul
    Les Paul invented the first solid body electric guitar.
  • Heavenly Menagerie

    Louis and Bebe Baron composed Heavenly Menagerie and it was the first electronic music for magnetic tape ever written in the United States.
  • Computer Composition

    The first song ever composed just for the computer was written. It was called the Illiac Suite for String Quartet.
  • Bell Labs

    Bell Labs
    Max Mathews was the fist person to synthesize music on a computer. This marked the beginning of computer music in America.
  • Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center

    Recently renamed the Computer Music Center, it was the first electronic music studio that was established in the United States.
  • RCA Mark II

    RCA Mark II
    Herbert Belar and Harry Olson designed the first programmable electronic music synthesizer. It was 20 feet wide and weighed 3 tons.
  • Electronic Music Studio

    Electronic Music Studio
    The first electronic music studio in the United States was establised. It was called the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center.
  • Singing Computer

    Max Mathews was the first to program a computer to sing actual words through research he had done on speech patterns.
  • Moog Synthesizer

    Moog Synthesizer
    Robert Moog introduced the first commercially available synthesizer. It was very popularly used in the modern music of the 1960s and 70s.
  • MIDI

    Meaning Musical Instrument Digital Interface, this is what companies like Yamaha and Roland decided would be an easier way of helping electronic music devices communicate with eachother.
  • Laptop Orchestra

    Laptop Orchestra
    Dan Trueman and Perry Cook founded the first Laptop Orchestra at Princeton Univeristy.