History of Educational Technology

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  • Learning Sequence & Object-Teaching

    Learning Sequence & Object-Teaching
    The Pestalozzian method used objects to teach simple, concrete ideas which would build up to teaching abstract ideas. For example, learners would count five physical block which lead to learning the number "5".
  • Distance Education

    Distance Education
    Although distance learning's most common connotation that suits to online learning, the post office opened up opportunities to develop correspondence courses. Mail system is used to submit assignments by the University of Chicago.
  • Method of Apperception

    Method of Apperception
    A teacher-centred approach where the teacher has prepared questions and answers that they used to impart knowledge is existed.
  • Audiovisual Instruction & WWII

    Audiovisual Instruction & WWII
    The need for mass training for the military and the advent of audiovisual technology resulted in an impact on educational technology. Over 400 training films were created and this instructional media became a key trainin tool for the military during WWII.
  • The Conditions of Learning by Robert Gagne

    The Conditions of Learning by Robert Gagne
    Gagne's model serves as a foundation to instructional design in educational technology because it emphasizes careful analysis of content and task analysis and is still frequently used when designing instruction
  • Satellite TV Systems

    Satellite TV Systems
    Providing a cost-effective method of training, satellites allow corporations and the military to transmit training programs to various locations. Cost for travel and extra employees to train was reduced.
  • Student Response Systems

    Student Response Systems
    Feedback and questioning strategies trace back as far as the Socratic Method; however, it was in the 1900s that wireless response systems(clickers) were used to receive feedback to questions in an educational setting.
  • ISTE establishes NETS

    ISTE establishes NETS
    International Society for Technology Educations(ISTE) recognizes the influences technology has on education and develops National Education Technology Standarts(NETS) for students, teachers, and administrators.
  • Participatory Journalism

    Participatory Journalism
    In 2007, "USA Today" allows readers to post comments and question on their online newspaper. Allowing readers worldwide to comment and participate in news has a major impact on society and educational technology.
  • Khan Academy

    Khan Academy
    An online repository of over 3,00 instructional videos on YouTube, Khan Academy has impacted educational technology because content/courseware is open-source and available to anyone.
  • Introducing the 21st Century Tablet

    Introducing the 21st Century Tablet
    Apple announces the iPad; a personal tablet with features including eBooks, apps, and access to the Internet.

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