History of Educational Technology

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In History
  • -600 BCE

    7th Century

    7th Century
    According to the Bible, Moses used chiseled stone to convey the ten commandments in a form of writing.
  • -400 BCE

    5th Century

    Written documents existed in considerable numbers in ancient Greece.
  • 1100

    In 12th Century

    In 12th Century
    Slate boards were used in India
  • 1440

    In 1440

    In 1440
    Invention of printing press
  • In the 18th century

    In the 18th century
    Blackboards/chalkboards became used in schools.
  • In 1862

    In 1862
    Christopher Sholes develops a machine to print the alphabet
  • In 1901

    Marconi sent a radio signal across the Atlantic
  • In 1920s

    In 1920s
    BBC began broadcasting educational radio programs
  • By 1920

    Publication of audio-visual media texts
  • In 1926

    Educational films were used as instructional media.
  • In 1946

    In 1946
    The first vacuum tube-based computer developed.
  • In 1960s

    In 1960s
    Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations (PLATO) was generalized computer assisted instruction system developed
  • In 1960s

    In 1960s
    Television was first used in education
  • In 1966

    In 1966
    The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) is established as a national information system
  • In 1969

    In 1969
    The establishment of Open University (OU).
  • In 1980

    Satellite broadcasting became available
  • In 1981

    In 1981
    IBM home computer is introduced
  • In 1990s

    Multimedia PCs are developed.
    Schools were using videodiscs
  • In 1991

    In 1991
    The World Wide Web (WWW) was launched
  • In 1995

    In 1995
    Development of the first Learning Management Systems (LMSs)
  • In 1998

    In 1998
    Smartboards are introduced
  • In 2002

    In 2002
    The Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT) started making its recorded lectures available to the public via its OpenCourseWare project.
  • In 2005

    Discovery Education Streaming brings video to the classroom
  • In 2005

    In 2005
    Youtube started.
  • In 2006

    Youtube was bought by Google
  • By 2006

    By 2006
    Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) introduced
  • In 2012

    In 2012
    Two professors launched a lecture-capture based MOOC on artifical intelligence