History of Computing

By jake511
  • Z3 Computer

    The first device fully programable with the Turing Machine.
  • Atanasoff–Berry Computer

    The world's first electronic-digital computer at Iowa State University.
  • Colossus Computer

    The world's first electronic, digital, fixed-program, single-purpose computer with variable coefficients.
  • Howard Aiken & Grace Hopper Harvard Mark I Computer

    The computer took up an entire wall with a length of 51 feet and a height of 8 feet.
  • John Presper Eckert & John W. Mauchly ENIAC 1 Computer

    The first general purpose electronic digital computer.
  • Dynabook (laptop) by Alan Kay

    One of the earliest tablet.
  • Xerox Star

    It was the first commercial system to have various technologies that today have become commonplace in personal computers.
  • IBM Personal Computer

    The first home computer.
  • Apple lisa computer

    The Apple Lisa computer was the first ever home computer to use GUI or graphical user interface.
  • Apple Macintosh Computer

    The 1984 Apple Macintosh was the first Apple desktop computer.
  • `NEC UltraLite was released

    First notebook sytle computer.
  • GridPad

    First Tablet Computer.
  • IMac

    The first IMac in the 8-Generation series.
  • MacBook Pro 1st Generation

    The newest and fastest computer at the time it was realeased.