history of computers

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  • first computer

    first computer
    fact file
    who: Charles Babbage
    when: 1822
    where: not sure
    what ; fist computer
    still here?: yes in London Science Museum
    notes: charles was never able to complete due to funding but in 1910 his eldest son Henry Babbage figered out how to make it do bacic calculations. printing funtion was added in 2000 by the London Science Museum - the people who have it now.
  • first moden computer

    first moden computer
    when: 7 april 1953
    where: not to sure
    what ; first moden computer
    still here?: not sure
    notes: The computer was code named ( 701) and still sometimes referred to as the Acorn and had a 8088 processor, 16 KB of memory (0.015625 MB - LESS THAN 0.0000152587890625 GB !!!) (my 64 GB iphone alone has 63488 MB!!)
  • First mouse

    First mouse
    when: 17 november 1970
    where: Stanford Research Institute - sponsored by Stanford University
    what ; first mouse
    still here?: yes in musum
    The picture was taken by Maracin Wichary at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, and is an example of what the first computer mouse looked like. As can be seen by the picture, the mouse was much larger than today's mouse, square, and had a small button to use it was ignored by public so somethimes credit is given to apple
  • first email sent

    when: 1971
    where: not sure
    what ; email first
    still here?: yes
    notes: nothing fancy sent to himself the messige QWERTYIOP
  • internet

    Who:Sir Tim Berners-Lee
    when: christmas day 1990
    where: various at home mostly
    what ; internet browser
    still here?: yes it is not in musuim though!
    notes: was called world wide web - was later renamed to Nexus discontinued January 14, 1994
  • netflix

    Los Gatos, California, United States
    Area served: United States, Canada, Mexico, South America ,United Kingdom,France,Germany,Scandinavia,Austria,Netherlands,
    Ireland,Switzerland,Belgium,Finland,Luxembourg,New Zealand (March 2015),Australia (March 2015)
    the whole poiint of it was to save money on over due bills on vidios and it becaume a sensation
  • pets at home loyalty card -VIP is started

  • being able to play diffrant mucic in a car without disturbing eachother

    we will be able to play the desired source of audio in a particular seat but also simultaneously play the opposite of the other sources of audio from the other seats, thereby cancelling their sounds out
    We can do that for any sources of audio in any particular seat, thereby creating personalised audio zones
  • robots

    from robots that clean your house to robots who water the garden i think this is a good idea