History of Computers

  • Analytic Machine

    A simple calculating machinge known as the first computer.
  • Holes in Cards

    Helped collect census.
  • Von Neumann architecture

    Demostrated that computers have a simple structure and features.

    Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator used in the US military.

    Updated version of the ENIAC.
  • High-level programming language

    Computer code clocer to the human language.
  • UNIX operating system

    An operating system created at and AT&T Bell lab.
  • Altair

    First computer availble at a resonable price.
  • PC

    The first PC was the Altair.
  • CRAY-1

    Fastest operating system of the time.
  • Apple

    Founded by Steve Jobfirst apple cpmputer was the Apple I,
  • Windows

    Microsofts first operatig system.
  • Macintosh

    Introduced by apple.
  • first electronic spreadsheet

    Created by a Harvard student.