Z1 computer the first computer

history of computers

  • The first computer

    The first computer
    THe first computer was called the Z1. The Z1 was a micanical computer that was created by Konrad Zuse. It was the first programable computer and the laguage that it used was bianary tthat uses 1's and 0's or on and off. I chose this computer because it has made the first use of programing.
  • The Bombe

    The Bombe
    This computer was made for cracking codes or communication and it was mostly used to gather nazi intel. I picked this because this computer was greatly helping the advancements in spying.
  • ERA 1101

    ERA 1101
    The ERA 1101 was the first magnetic storage device and could hold 1 million bits equal to 4,000 words and can read any one of them in as little as five-thousandths of a second I chose this because it paved the way for how memory is stored.
  • LISP

    THis was the first program desined to write artifical intelagence I chose this because raceing games would be too predictable