History of Computers

  • The Colossus

    The Colossus
    The Colossus was invented by Tommy Flowers in WWII. It was an mathmatical calculator which helped cracked the different secret codes made by their enemies.
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    History of Computers

  • Manchester Mark I

    Manchester Mark I
    In the old 20 century, the Manchester Mark I functioned as a computer system. It soon became the prototype for modern computers.
  • The IBM 650 magnetic Drum Calculator

    The IBM 650 magnetic Drum Calculator
    First mass-produced machine. The IBm 650 Magnetic Drum Caculator allowed faster access to store material, than drum memory machine.
  • IBM's 7000 series Mainframe

    IBM's 7000 series Mainframe
    This was the first transistorized computer. It was sold for national use and for scientific labotories.
  • CDC's 600 supercomuter

    CDC's 600 supercomuter
    This supercomputer could perform up to 3 million tasks per second. IT made processing much easier, and computers easier to use.
  • The Alto

    The Alto
    Although the Alto never sold commercially, it was the first work-station that had a built in mouse for input. Engineers nowadays still use include it's featrures in personal computers.
  • Atari's Model 800

    Atari's Model 800
    This model was made to be more of a home computer. It faced a lot of competition in marketing.
  • The Macintosh

    The Macintosh
    The MAcintosh was a mouse-driven computer with graphic interface. It was very popular in terms of the market.
  • IBM's ps/2 Machines

    IBM's ps/2 Machines
    IBM's ps/2 machine had a completely new operating system. IT included Intel's 80386 chip.
  • Apple's Mac OS X

    Apple's Mac OS X
    It had stabability effects and a memory included. This computer was very popular in the market.