History of Computers

  • Samuel Morland

    Samuel Morland
    Samuel Morland builds a mechanical calculator that will add and subtract. This definitely started the revolution of being able to use stuff other than our brain.
  • Electrical Harpsichord

    Electrical Harpsichord
    The first electrical musical instument, the electric harpsichord is invented. This showed that many things were open in technology, the human race just needed to discover what the steps were to building them.
  • Phillip-Malthus Hahn

    Phillip-Malthus Hahn
    Phillip-Malthus Hahn builds and sells a couple of working calculating machines which are accurate to 12 digits. This means that the electronic machines are making it into the selling and creating industry.
  • George Boole/Start of computer

    George Boole/Start of computer
    George Boole develops boolean logic which will one day become the basis of computer logic. I think this is important because it shows people are starting to put parts together to make the beginning of the computer.
  • People Make it Their Job

    People Make it Their Job
    William S. Burroughs quits his job as a bank clerk and sets out to make an even more advanced calculating machine. People are finally starting to realize a better more advanced machine will be made, (The Computer.)
  • First Adding Machine with a Printer

    First Adding Machine with a Printer
    George Burroughs finally creates the first calculator with a printer. This shows progress throughout the community that it can be done.
  • Flip-flop circuit

    Flip-flop circuit
    Two American physicists, Eccles and Jordan, create the flip-flop circuit which will be needed to do high-speed calculating. More and more parts needed to create the computer and now being discovered through time.
  • Differential Analyzer is Created

    Differential Analyzer is Created
    Vannevar Bush created the Differential Analyzer. It is a mechanical analogue computer designed to solve differential equations by integration. This is the beginning of the actual computer.
  • Differential Analyzer Completed

    Differential Analyzer Completed
    Shows that everything needs improvement and everything can be built if we just put the peiced together correctly.
  • Apple

    The Apple computer is introduced at a trade show. The computer needed a lot more peices, from very intelligent people and then it was finally created.