History of Computer Input Devices

Timeline created by braylonn m
  • The Typewriter

    The Typewriter
    The typewriter was invented by Christopher Latham. The typewriter was invented to make letters easier and faster to make, the typewriter later on became the Keyboard.
  • Microphone

    Emile Berniler invented the first microphone at the US Cenntinnial Exposition, this input device was used for 1 or more to communicate with a crowd or to communicate through a webcam.
  • Joystick

    Robert Esnalt-Pelterie came up with the idea of the joystick in his diary.The first joystick was used to fly a plane, Today they are commonly used in video games.
  • Headsets

    Nathainel Baldwin invented the first headsets, this device was used for one to hear something that another wishes not to.
  • Barcode Scanner

    Barcode Scanner
    Bernard Silver invented the first barcode scanner.This is used to scan barcodes.
  • Disk Drive

    Disk Drive
    Reynold Jhonson invented the first disk drive. This device is used to play CD's and DVD's
  • Scanner

    Roudolph Hell invented a scanner. The purpose of this object is to scan documents, pictures, and ect. Today scanners have been put onto some Printers.
  • Webcam

    This device was made by Adam Jackson at Cambridge Unerversity to wacth a cofee machine, Today it is also used to wacth things and to connect to sights like Ovoo and Skype.
  • Mouse

    Stanford research center invented the first mouse. The mouse. is one of the tools you will need to search the web, the mouse has replaced the Light Pen.
  • Touch Screen Technolgy

    Touch Screen Technolgy
    Elo Touch Systems invented the first touch screen technolgy. Today this is a very popular topic in the US.
  • Graphic Tablet

    Graphic Tablet
    Edible Apple invented the first graphic tablet in the US. This device was created to draw on the computer.
  • Light Pen

    Light Pen
    Light Pens were used as mouses on old computers. The device was created by a Design Staff.
  • Digital Camera

    Digital Camera
    Kodak invented the first digital camera.. This was made to keep your memories not only with you but on your computer and didgital camera.
  • Vision System

    Vision System
    Greg M Boston invented the first screen recgonition.This device is simular to the purpse of headphones but more people can use this at one time
  • Hp Touchpad

    Hp Touchpad
    This upcoming device was created by Hp WebOS. This device will be simular to the Ipad but with more and newer features.