History of computer

  • Computer Made

  • Period: to

    History of Computer

  • Bugs are now here

    The bugs make the Computers more unresponsive and make the monitor "hang" A.K.A lag
  • Computer more stable and bigger

    Now the computer rarely breaks down and more Technical items are added
  • The first Computer that functioned properly

    First ever computer for scanning enemies ships and planes
  • Usable Computer

    Z3 invented-a computer people now trusted to function properly
  • Bugs are now here

    Bugs make computer unresponsive
  • Information now fit inside smaller cases but has more info

  • Computer now uses modern day computer words

    E.G mov No. 0, sum ; set sum to 0
    mov No. 1, num ; set num to 1
    loop: add num, sum ; add num to sum
    add No. 1, num ; add 1 to num
    cmp num, #1000 ; compare num to 1000
    ble loop ; if num <= 1000, go back to 'loop'
    halt ; end of program. stop running
  • First game on computer

  • Computer improved

  • First macintosh(MAC)

    Steve Jobs has invented the MAC
  • Windows invented

  • Computer now uses ROM(discs)

    ROMs are now used to run applications
  • Computers can now multitask