History of Communications by Furman's Class

By balesm
  • Oct 25, 1450

    Printing Press

    Printing Press
    Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press which a machine that uses inked plates to make copies of pictures or text on paper.
  • Fax machine invented

    Fax machine invented
    Alexander Bain invented the facsimile machine. It sends copies of documents any time any where to other fax machines.
  • Telegraph invented

    Telegraph invented
    Invented by Samuel Morse as a way to encode and send messages great distances.
  • Invention of the Typewriter

    Invention of the Typewriter
    Christopher Latham Sholes invented the typewriter. Typewriters help people to write quickly and neatly.
  • Phonograph

    Thomas A. Edison demonstrated the first talking machine which could both record and reproduce sound.
  • Radio invented

    Radio invented
    Invented in 1895 and allows people to listen to news, music, and sports and Rush Limbaugh all over the world.
  • Television invented

    Television invented
    TVs are a system for sending moving pictures and sound from one place to another.
  • Videotape Recorder

    Videotape Recorder
    People first used videotape recorders to make home movies.
  • Laser invented

    Laser invented
    Lasers can send voice messages.
  • Computer Mouse

    Computer Mouse
    Douglas Engelhart invented a hand controlled electromechanical device for interacting with a computer that has a graphical interface. The mouse can move around on a a flat surface to control the movement of the cursor on the screen.
  • Personal Computer

    Personal Computer
    The first computer was invented by Charles Babbage and was mechanical not electric. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozcniak invented the first home type of computer.
  • Internet invented in 1973

    Internet invented in 1973
    Internet originated as ARPANET and it was important because people could use a map on it.
  • Post It Notes

    Created by 3M's Art Fly to create a repositionable paper for people to work on and do their research on them.
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    The World Wide Web was established as ARPANET in 1970 in universities around the country, but flourished in the late 1980s and beyond.
  • Period: to

    History of Communication

  • Paper

    Paper is one of the most important products that was invented.