History of China By: Rainshine Heffner

  • Mar 25, 1368

    Ming And Mongols

    The ming Overthrough The mongols
  • Qing Drives out Ming

    The Manchu- Qing Dynasty Push out the ming
  • Lin Zexu

    Lin Zexu
    Began pushing against opium leading against the opium trade.
  • Macartney Misson

    Macartney Misson
    Brittian failed to astablish brittitan and chinese diplomacy in the idea of the "Tribute System"
  • Nanjing (nanking) Treaty

    Nanjing (nanking) Treaty
    Ended the first opium war(1839-1842)
  • Taiping rebellien

    Taiping rebellien
    Roughly 2 million died. Went from December of 1850 to august 1864
    Caused by disagrements in belifes.
  • Yuan Shikai

    Yuan Shikai
    Politicain and leader of chinese armies in korea during the sino-Japanese war
  • Boxer Rebellion

    Boxer Rebellion
    Declairing war on forigien alliances and relligion ended in 1901
  • Republic of china

    Republic of china
    Republic of china began. Ending Yuan Shi-Kia's rule
  • Chiang Kai-shek

    Chiang makes china an official nationalist country
  • Communist Power in china

    Mao Zedong led the Communists to victory against the Nationalists after more than 20 years of civil war. The Nationalists retreat to the island of Taiwan and set up a government there.
  • China Joins Korea

    China Joins and weighs in on the korean side of the war
  • The great leap forward

    Mao launches the five year plan of the great leap forward
  • China gets even more involved

    Chinese forces suppress large-scale revolt in Tibet.
  • Say hello to my little Nixon

    US President Richard Nixon visits. Both countries declare a desire to normalise relations.
  • Bye Bye Mao

    Mao dies and the gang of four get convicted of crimes against china.
  • Lets be Buds

    China and Russia make a truce restorring friendly ties
  • Bejing olympics

    Bejing olympics
    Chinas first time hostng the olympics. This oppend many jobs.
  • Han State Falls

    Resulted in 4 centuries of competing dynastys
  • Period: to

    Tang Dynasty

    Unites china for nearly 3 centuries. The first time central Asia was included to the imperial rule