History of Bilingualism

  • Translation Bureau

    Translation Bureau
    The Translation bureau is established. Professionals provide translation services to members of parliment, house of commons, and the senator.
  • Bilingualism

    The royal commision is established. The commision examines French/English languages and Quebec's role.
  • Official Languages Act

    Official Languages Act
    French and English are adopted by the Federal Government, it grants equality to both of the languages.
  • Education languages

    Education languages
    The official languages are included in educational programs.
  • Consumer packaging and Labelling act

    Consumer packaging and Labelling act
    The consumer packaging and labelling act is established. It requires prouducts to be printed in both French and English.
  • Mahe' Case

    Mahe' Case
    A group of French parents take the Alberta Government to a court case. They want the right to control the government's education on their children and language rights.
  • Action Plan

    Action Plan
    Federal Government announces an Action Plan for the officials languages. The policy put these into effect.
    -communities respect English/French
    -justice in both languages
    -enhanced cultural activity
    -access to health/social services in both languages