History of Australia from 1750-1920

  • Industrial Revolution Begins

    Industrial Revolution Begins
    At this point Australia hasn't been colonised yet. However, in other parts of the world, the industrial revolution had begun. Changes technology altered the whole world and effected the way that we live in this country today.
  • Steam Engine Invented

  • Spinning Jenny Invented

  • James Cook

    James Cook
    Botany Bay James Cook landed in Australia at Botany Bay on this date, claiming the land for Britain. This set the course for the colonisation of Australia and began the planning for the country we now live in.
  • Settlement of Australia

    Settlement of Australia
    When the first fleet came to Australia, it was the very beginning of the country.Population, livestock and european culture was introduced to Australia. These people, supplies, animals and this culture was the beginning of our society today.
  • Edward Jenner

    Edward Jenner
    On this day, Edward Jenner first tested his vaccine on James Phipps and cured him of smallpox. Without this discovery we would not be standing here today.
  • Hobart Founded

    Hobart is established
  • First Steam Locomotive

  • Foundation of Brisbane

  • Foundation of Perth

  • Foundation of Melbourne

  • Adelaide Founded

  • The Hutchins School is established

    The Hutchins School is established
  • Gold Rush and Eureka Rebellion

    Gold Rush and Eureka Rebellion
    In 1851, the Gold Rush hit Ballart in Victoria. People from all over the world came to dig for their fortune. This event really put the new country on the map. In 1854, the miners formed a rebellion agaist the the tight british laws that were inflicted upon them. This event restulted in Australians brenching away from the british identity and was a protest for workers rights.
  • Australian Ballot was introduced

    Australian Ballot was introduced
    Soon after the Eureka Rebellion, the first system of democracy the world had ever seen was created. This was the Australian Ballot. This system has been slightly adapted but is stil used in our and many other societies worldwide.
  • Hanging Of Ned Kelly

    Hanging Of Ned Kelly
    Ned Kelly was a famous Australian outlaw but he is considered as an Australian folk hero. His story demonstrated the resistance of Irish Austalians against the ruling upper class of Anglo Australians.
  • Federation

    This event, the Federation of Australia, politically united the country that we live in today. This event would alter the nations defense, control of immigration and it's economy. The five colonies of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania (plus the west several months later) joined to form the commonweath of Australia.
  • Anzacs land at Gallipoli

    Anzacs land at Gallipoli
    This event really brought Australia into the world. True, the anzac wipeout at galliipoli was a disaster, but this event brought australia Even closer together as a nation.