History of Australia by Lucy

  • Dutch sail to Australia

    Dutch sail to Australia
    The Dutch were the first Europeans to sail to Australia. They made one landing, but were attacked by the Aborigines. After the attack, they decided to never go back.
  • Captain James Cook sails around Australia

    Captain James Cook sails around Australia
    Captain James Cook sails aound Australia and name it New South Wales. He ignored the Aborigines and claimed the land for England.
  • British prisoners settle in Australia

    British prisoners settle in Australia
    In 1781, British ships called the "First Fleet" left England with prisoners to establish a prison colony.
    In 1788, the British prisoners settled in Australia.
  • New boundaries

    New boundaries
    Government officials created boundaries for the colonies in Australia that are still in place today.

    England stopped sending prisoner to Australia. Many people that weren't prisoners started to move to Australia to live there. People started to look at Australia as a beautiful and wonderful place to stay at
  • Commonwealth of Australia

    Commonwealth of Australia
    The Commonwealth of Australia is established. Melbourne served as national capital.
  • Canberra becomes national capital

    Canberra becomes national capital
    Australia's national capital changes from Melbourne to Canberra.
  • Help the Aborigines!

    Help the Aborigines!
    The federal government began to recognize the Aborigines. They started to pass legislation to help the Aborigines.
    Aboriginal farmers went on strike for the demand of equal wages to a declaration of their rights of owning land. This became one of Australia's first successful land claims by the Aborigines.
  • 55% REJECT!

    55% REJECT!
    55% of voters reject the idea of Australia becoming an independent republic.
  • Australia Act

    Australia Act
    Australia was no longer in the control of the British Empire!