History of Australia 10

  • Jan 1, 1150

    Indigenious people

    Indigenous people -also named aboriginials- inhabited Australia 45,000 years agao
  • Period: Jan 1, 1150 to

    History of Australia 10 R and A

  • China and Potugal in australian waters

    Some researchers believe that explorers from China and Portugal travelled into the Australian waters. Prior to 1600's but there is no official evidience.
  • The First European Explorer, Willem Janzoon

    Willem Janzoon landed his ship named 'Duyfken"on the west coast of Australia.
  • Captain Dirk Hartog

    Dutch captain Dirk Hartog arrives with his ship called 'Eendracht which means unity. When he leave an evidence which was a plate which was a later named the Hartog plate.
  • Dutch Abel Tasman

  • William Dampier

    Dampier from England began to travel down to Australia, and he explored th west coast in 1688 [
  • Captain James Cook and his "Endeavour"

    Caintain Cook sailed his ship the "Endeavour" to the southern coast. He named the land "British Crown"believing that he was the first one to travel there.
  • Governor Arthur Phillip

    Arthur Philip seed the Frist Fleet to Australis. They landed in a place which is now called Sydney.
  • Governor Arthur Philip again

    Arthur seed the Second Fleet to Australia, but there was a serious food problem at that time.
  • The two explorers

    Georde Bass and Matthew Flinders, sailed from Sydney to circumnavigated Tasmania