History of Australia

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    History of Australia

  • Dutch Sail to Australia

    Dutch Sail to Australia
    The Dutch sailed to Australia. They decided not to stay because the Aborigines attacked.
  • Captain James Cook Arrives!

    Captain James Cook Arrives!
    The British arrived and settled here. They named it South Wales. They also ignored all Aborigines.
  • British Prisoners Settle

    British Prisoners Settle
    They British send there prisoners to Australia because they can't escape easily.
  • Government makes Boundaries!!!

    Government makes Boundaries!!!
    The government makes territories and states. They are the same as today!
  • British Stop Sending Prisoners!

    British Stop Sending Prisoners!
    The British stopped sending prisoners. Now, Australia needs immigrants for a higher population.
  • Commonwealth of Australia

    Commonwealth of Australia
    They named what we know now, Australia, Commonwealth Australia.
  • CANBERRA!!!!

    Canberra is now capital!
  • Aborigionies are helped!

    Aborigionies are helped!
    The government passes laws to help the Aborigines!
  • Australia Act!

    Australia Act!
    Australia makes an act that removes all legal ties with the British government.
  • Voters don't want an Independent government.

    Voters don't want an Independent government.
    55% of the voters rejected the idea of an Independent Republic Government!