History of Abu Sayyaf

Timeline created by GinaV
  • Abu Sayyaf formation

    Abu Sayyaf formation
    Abu Sayyaf left the Moro National liberation front in the late 1990's and made a group that wanted to inforce islamic law on all the people living in the Philippines.
  • first major attack

    first major attack
    Abu Sayyaf attack on the Moror National Liberation Front by bombing Christian churches, missionaries, and communities. The result to this attac, killed two American Evangelists in Zamboanga.
  • world trade center bombing

    world trade center bombing
    On February 26, 1993 there was an attempt to blow up the World Trade Centers. A truck that was filled with explosives was parked below the North Tower and the explosives were set to go off and blow up the North Tower, knocking it into the South Tower, resulting in both of them being destroyed. It was intended to kill thousands of people but it failed only ending up killing seven people but it injured over one thousand. related to abu sayyaf because of ramsey youseffs involvement
  • Bombing in Davao City

    Bombing in Davao City
    Six people are killed and 132 wounded in the Abu Sayyaf’s bombing of a cathedral in Davao City.
  • Zamboanga City bomb attacks

    Zamboanga City bomb attacks
    The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) blames the Abu Sayyaf for bomb attacks in Zamboanga City that left at least 71 people dead.
  • Pope Assassination and Bojinka Plot to Bomb Dozen Airplanes Is Foiled

    Pope Assassination and Bojinka Plot to Bomb Dozen Airplanes Is Foiled
    Philippine investigators uncover an al-Qaeda plot to assassinate the Pope that is scheduled to take place when he visits the Philippines one week later. While investigating that scheme, they also uncover Operation Bojinka, planned by the same people: 1993 WTC bomber Ramzi Yousef
  • ASG raids the town of Ipil in Zamboanga del Sur (now Zamboanga Sibugay).

    ASG raids the town of Ipil in Zamboanga del Sur (now Zamboanga Sibugay).
    The attack left at least 53 people dead and wounded 48 others
  • Janjalani killed

    Janjalani killed
    Abdurajik Abubakar Janjalani was killed in a gun battle with the Philippine National Police on Basilan Island.[16] He is thought to have been about age 39 at the time of his death. The death of Aburajik Abubakar Janjalani marked a turning point in Abu Sayyaf operations, shifting from its ideological focus to more general kidnappings, murders and robberies, as the younger brother Khadaffy Janjalani succeeded Aburajak.
  • Kidnappings in Turnahubong

    ASG kidnaps more than 50 students and teachers from two schools in Tumahubong, Sumisip, Basilan. Four of those kidnapped are killed.
  • Jeffrey Schilling rescued

    Jeffrey Schilling rescued
    Jeffrey Schilling, an American citizen and Muslim convert, was held by Abu Sayyaf for 8 months after being captured while visiting a terrorist camp with his wife, Ivy Osani. Abu Sayyaf demanded a $10 million ransom for his release, but Schilling escaped after more than 7 months and was picked up by the Philippine Marines Corps on April 12, 2001
  • US involvement

    US involvement
    U.S troops came in to help rescue all the hostages that Abu Sayyaf abducted. They abducted 20 foreign and Filipino tourists. The troops came in to free everyone including the three Americans.