History, Australia's Development

  • 2300 BCE

    When Australia was Inhabited

    When Australia was Inhabited
    Australia was first lived on by ancient Indians thousands of years before Captain Cook and Captain Arthur Phillip found Australia.
  • Who Found Australia

    Who Found Australia
    Australia was first found by Europeans, William Jansz, first found Australia in 1606.
  • When Australia was found even more

    When Australia was found even more
    Captain Cook, like the others, also discovered lots of Australia land. Captain Cook, first landed in Australia in Botany Bay.
  • When Australia was founded

    When Australia was founded
    Australia was found on January 26, 1788, by the Britain explorer Captain Arthur Phillip on a fleet of 11 British ships carrying convicts to the colony of New South Whales. Even though he wasn't the first person to find it, he inhabited new land and explored new Australian land. This was the first fleet.
  • The Australian Gold Rush

    The Australian Gold Rush
    In 1851, people from all over the world were coming to Australia. This was because the Australian Gold Rush started. People were finding out that Australia wasn't completely explored. So it was full with materials. But the main material people would find was gold. Therefore people would come to Australia to try and test their luck with finding gold and making money.
  • Federation of Australia

    Federation of Australia
    On 1st January 1901 the Constitution of Australia was finished and the rules were put into effect.
  • Australia Women Suffrage

    Before the federation, only women in South Australia and West australia were allowed to vote. But The federation made it so that women anywhere in Australia that are 21 and above are allowed to vote.