History assesment Task 3 part A

  • Initail Formation of the U.N

  • World War 2 ended

  • U.N Officially created afted War ended

  • Australia joined the U.N

  • UNESCO was created

    United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization protects the world heritage sites.
  • Dr Evatt was elected the President of the General Embassy

    He was the only Australian to ever become President of the General Embassy.
  • Australia speaks out

    Australia speaks out against the Dutch in the newly formed U.N
  • North Korea invades South Korea

  • UN Policy

    "United Nations Conventions Concering The Protection Of The World Cultural And National Heritage" adopted by the UN.
  • Australia Accepts Proposal

    Australia accepted the "United Nations Conventions Concering the Protection of The World Cultural and National Heritage".
  • Australia and East Timor

    Australia's INTERFET was succesful of dealing with the Milta voilence in East Timor 78.5% of East Timor population voted for independance from Indonessia. Which is when the voilence from the Milta forces.