History- The League of Nations

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  • The establishment of the League of Nations

    The establishment of the League of Nations
    The Treaty of Versallies, which included the establishment of the League of Nations, was negotiated at the Paris Peace Conference
  • Period: to

    The League of Nations

    It was founded in Geneva Switzerland
  • The League of Nations

    The League of Nations
    The League of Nations conveded its first council meeting.
  • The USA did not joined the League

    The USA did not joined the League
    Despite, it being the brandchild of the US President, the USA was never a member of the League.
  • Corfu

    Problem: An italian general was killed in a Greece territory. Mussolinni invaded the Greek island (Corfu)
    Response: The League tried poorly to make Italy withdraw, but they did not. Greek had to apolise and pay conmpensation.
    Effect: "The dispute showed that the weakest of the great powers could get his way when Britain and France agreed to sucrifice juatice for co-operation"
  • The Daws Plan

    The Daws Plan
    To avert a terrible economic crisis in Germany, the USA lent money to Germany help it pay its reparations bill.
  • Border dispute: Greece and Bulgaria

    Border dispute: Greece and Bulgaria
    Problem: A greek soldier was killed in the Bulgarian border (beacuse of a dog). Greece invaded bulgarian. = Corfu dispute
    Response: The League made Greace withdraw and pay compensations
    Effect: Prevention of war
    On the other hand, it showed that there is one rule for the large states (Italy) and another for the smaller ones (Greece).
  • Economic recovery

    Economic recovery
    At this time there was great optimism since chaos had been reduced (ie:Germany-Daws Plan), realising tension and increasing trades between nations. There was a great spirit of co-operation.
  • Germany joined the League

    Germany joined the League
    Germany had proved it was a peace loving country and so was aloud to joined the League of Nations.
  • Social problems

    Social problems
    200.000 slaves were freeded by the League.
    Also the League blacklisted huge companies which were involved in the legal drug trade.
  • The Young Plan

    The Young Plan
    Reduced Germany`s repartions payments.
  • Wall street crash (Great Depression)

    Wall street crash (Great Depression)
    Problem: There was a major crash at the stock market (USA), when share prices on the New York Stock Exchange collapsed, causing economic problems throughout the world.
    Effect: Damage the trade, industry and many people were unemployed. The damage of relations affected the co-operation and cause the isolation/protectionism.
    Conclusion: The international spirit of the 1920`s was replaced by a more nationalist ¨beggar my own neighbour¨ approach in the 1930`s.
  • Period: to

    Manchurian crisis

    Problem: Japan invaded Manchurian (in noth-east China)
    Response: After a long dispute, no action was taken
    Effect: Made the League seem week and innefective
    1933: Japan left the League
  • Period: to

    Disarmament conference

    Problem: Germany complianed that only it had disarmed
    Response: League could not get other memebers to agree to disarm
    Effect: Germany left the League and began to rearm openly.
    League members such as Britain no longer tried to stop it.
    League members also began to rearm themselves.
  • The Hoare-Laval Pact

    The Hoare-Laval Pact
    It was a secret dealing between the British and the French. It aim was to give two-thirds of Abyssinia to Mussolini in return for his calling of his invasion.
    Problem and effect: The plan was later to be known by the French press and to usa who were disgusted and blocked the support the League`s sanctions. American oil producers actually stepped up their exports to italy.
  • Period: to

    Abyssianian crisis

    Problem: Italy invaded Abyssinia
    Response: League memebers coud not agree effective sanctions against Italy. Britain and France tried to do secret deal to give most of Albyssinia to Italy.
    Effect: League was seen as powerless and irrelevant.
    Italy left the league.
  • The Outcome

    The Outcome
    Germany marched its troops into the Rhinland, an act prohibited by the Treaty of Versailles. French needed Italy`s help. Italy continued to defy League`s orders an annexed Abissania completly. The helplessly wachted Mussolini and Hitler signed an agreement : Rome-Berlin Axis.
  • The League of Nations as a failure

    The League of Nations as a failure
    The League had been a huge faliure. It was seen as irrelevant to international affairs.