• Period: to

    Triple Alliance

    Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy
  • Period: to

    Kaiser Wilhelm was Kaiser

    also leader of prussia
  • archduke got married

  • Triple Entente is formed

    Formed in response to triple alliance. Included France, Great Britain and Russia
  • Austria annexed Bosnia

    Serbia felt threatened.
  • Causes the led to WW1

    Nationalism The eastern European region was a powder keg.
  • Wilson began in office

  • Spain and Switzerland are Neutral

  • Period: to


  • archduke franz ferdinand assassinated

  • Austria-Hangary declared war on Serbia

  • Tear Gas is used

  • Period: to

    trench warfare

    the area between the trenches were called no mans land
  • The Schlieffen Plan

    Belgium was invaded by Germany, which was using the Schlieffen Plan.
  • The Central Powers are formed

    Germany, Austria-Hangary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria
  • begining of the war between germany, russia

  • Battle of Marne

  • Period: to

    Allies of WWI

    US, France, Great Britain, Russia and Italy, who betrayed Austria by joining in 1914.
  • Lethal gas is used

  • Total War

  • Lusitania sunk by Germany

    Brought the US into the war.
  • unrestricted submarine warfare

    germany returned to their policy because they were afraid of other ships would be carrying ammo
  • U.S intercepts zimmerman telegram

    germany promised mexco U.S land
  • Period: to

    Committee on Public Information

  • Mustard Gas is used

  • u-boats at strongest

  • Wilson made a postwar plan that was called 14-points

    contained the war guilt clause blaming Germany for starting the war
  • Rationing in Great Britain

    The limiting of goods that people can buy often imposed by government during war time, when goods are in short supply.
  • Russia leaves the war

  • US Joined the War

  • war ended

    the armistice got signed by nations
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Between Russia and Germany to end the war
  • Wilson proposed the League of Nations